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Everyone knows that wet feet lead to stinky feet. Here at Dryer Buyer, you can learn all about the techniques, tips, precautions, and products that will keep your shoes and your feet dry.

You can read reviews on some of the best boot and glove dryers on the market. We update the lists regularly and try to give you the freshest information possible that will prevent your footwear from stinking.

Joseph Walker

Lots of people heard about my knowledge of boot maintenance and dryers, so much so that I became a go-to guy when someone had questions or doubts about it. With the help of some tech-savvy friends, I decided to build a website where I can share the information with everyone.

I know how hard it is to filter the right information nowadays, so I try to be as helpful as possible and be informative and to the point. If you want to prolong the life of your favorite pair of boots and keep them in top condition as long as possible, you will love the content of this site.

At any moment you can find an up-to-date list of top-quality products where you can read detailed and carefully constructed reviews.

This way you know what are you buying before you go and spend your money on the product. Even after you get your boot or glove dryer, you can browse DryerBuyer.com for useful maintenance tips and best practices.

What makes you trust this information? That’s always a great question to ask. I’ve been a bootmaker and cobbler for years. Besides that, I’m quite an adventurous guy and a very active skier, hiker, and hunter. Keeping boots dry is both my job and the most important part of my hobbies.

Hello, my name is Joseph Walker

After being a custom high-performance bootmaker for a long time, I got some courage and opened my own company in 2003. We take a lot of pride in our work and that’s one of the main reasons the company held up for this long.

I get a good bit of knowledge about boot performance and maintenance from my free time since I go on skiing, hunting, or hiking trips a lot. I’ve gone hiking in wet boots and it’s not fun at all.

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