Can a Boot Dryer Catch On Fire?

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Boot dryers are an integral part of maintaining and keeping healthy shoes. They keep the boots odor-free and in pristine condition. However, as with any machine that is hooked to an electrical circuit, there is that nagging question, can a boot dryer catch on fire?

An answer to this question is no. Boot dryers are generally safe to use unless they are mishandled. These rare events can be easily prevented. This is why it is imperative to read the owner’s instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Preventative tips to prevent boot dryer fires are also included in this post.

Today, I will attempt to answer the question, can a boot dryer catch on fire and more. I hope that it gives you a clear understanding of the topic so you can use them safely and confidently.

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Are boot dyers safe to use?

As briefly highlighted above, boot dryers are very safe to use. During my research, there is no recorded event of one that caught fire by itself.

This does not mean they are immune to fire, however. Most of these appliances are powered by electricity or propane. Therefore, they warrant the utmost care and handling.

Reasons, why your boot dyer may catch fire, include:

  • Placing them close to a heat source such as a heater or a fireplace.
  • Mishandling the dyer such as; using them on soaking wet boots or shoes, subjecting it to stressful conditions.
  • The air chambers or the air ducts are jammed with something like dust and lint from the shoes.
  • Substandard quality of the dyer or a faulty unit.
  • Using them in a cramped space with limited ventilation.
  • The dyer or some parts of it is damaged.

Keeping the dyer unit clean and taking care of it is vital to its proper and safe functioning.

Observing these few simple instructions can prevent any incidences of fire. In the next paragraphs of the post, I will elaborate more on how to care for a boot dryer according to this power source.

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Boot dryers are no more prone to catching fire than a hairdryer. After all, it is an electrical appliance. As the adage goes, preventing the fire is better than finding a remedy after the unit is set ablaze.

The following are the measures that you can observe to avoid accidents a fire involving a boot dryer.

  1. Unplug the unit as soon as you are done drying the boot. This will nip the problem of the device catching fire or short-circuiting in the bud.
  2. Refrain from using the dyer beyond the recommended period. Prolonged use of the dyer may cause the unit to overheat and result in fire.
  3. Do not use the dryer on a boot or an article of clothing that’s dripping wet. Water and electricity do not sit well together. One drop of water into the internal circuit of the dryer could be disastrous. Get rid of excess water by using a towel or tissues.
  4. Buy high-quality products. When it comes to appliances, I always say it is safer to purchase one that is of good quality. Granted, they will be pricier than the average dyer, but they are made with premium components. Not only will these units perform better, but they will also last longer and have more safety features incorporated into them. Think of them as an investment.

Reputed boot-dyer companies to consider are DryGuy, MaxxDry, and Peet Dryer. Here you can read reviews of top boot dryers and find a safe dryer.

4 Ways To Prevent Propane Boot Dryer Fire

The underlying principle of any device that is powered by propane is the use of fire. Although this amount is almost negligible in a boot dryer, they are still more susceptible to fire accidents if misused.

Preventative measures or steps you can undertake to solve the issue of fire incidences with a propane boot dryer are:

  1. Read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Observing the guidelines will eliminate almost all incidences with fire.
  2. Inspect the dryer occasionally for any malfunctioning parts or leaking propane. Any amount of propane that is leaking, however small, can be hazardous for both the user and the dryer.
  3. Store the propane-powered dryer in an area where there is enough ventilation. This will allow the propane to escape in case of any leakage problems.
  4. Use only the manufacturer-recommended bottle on the dyer. Connecting it or using it with the wrong source can result in disastrous consequences.


By now I am confident that your question can a boot dryer catch on fire, is well answered. These are indispensable appliances in our homes. They are very safe to use.

They just need a little bit of care and handling just like any other appliances that we use to alleviate the drying activity.

If you have any more questions on the topic, do not hesitate to leave your comments.

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