Best Glove Dryer: 10 Models That Will Dry Any Gloves And Mittens

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Whether it is your ski, hockey, golf, kids’ mittens, or rubber gloves, keeping them dry is essential for our health and comfort.

We all know how unpleasant damp gloves and boots smell, but with the best glove dryer, now you will be able to have clean, fresh, and comfortable footwear and gloves that will last for a long time.

If you are looking to buy a dryer for yourself, it is essential to look for its features, styles, effectiveness, versatility, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, etc. Keep reading to learn more!

Best dryer for glovesMy Favorite Dryer Pick

This multipurpose dryer with boot and glove drying attachment is a perfect choice for sportspersons looking to dry both gloves and boots simultaneously. With the best combination of price, effectiveness, and quality, this remains my #1 choice.

Four Reasons to Use Mitten and Glove Dryers

  • Health: Damp gloves can cause serious health problems. It is easy to catch a cold and another related diseases if you wear wet gloves. Not drying gloves after use can lead to a build-up of bacteria and molds, which can lead to skin irritation. Besides posing health risks, the bacteria in gloves can cause unpleasant odors so eventually, you are forced to discard them in the trash. The dryer thoroughly dries your mittens and eliminates mold and mildew formation, leaving your gloves fresh and clean.
  • Comfortable hands: Warm hands are happy and healthy hands. There is nothing more repugnant than wearing wet or moist gloves. Avoid damp gloves at any cost. A good dryer thoroughly dries your wet gloves inside and out.
  • Warms up gloves: Even when gloves are dry, they can get cold on winter mornings, and it can take time before they become warm. With some dryers, you can warm them up before you wear them, to keep your hands warm instantly.
  • Multipurpose usage: Most dryers can also be used to dry hats, footwear, and even socks. Why use it to dry only gloves and mittens when you can dry most gear?

Best Glove Dryer on the Market

Check priceFeatures
PEET M06-GDP DryerCheck price
1. PEET M06-GDP Dryer
Main features | Dries and deodorize, Can dry 2 pairs at the same time
Brand | Peet
Eco friendly dryerCheck price
2. Green Glove Dryer
Main features | Eco-friendly, Dryes 3 pairs, Safe to use, Made in the USA
Brand | Green Glove Dryer
Wall vent mitten dryerCheck price
3. Green Glove Mitten Dryer
Main features | Fits on wall vent, Safe to use, Safe materials
Brand | Green Glove Dryer
Upstartech Electric DryerCheck price
4. Upstartech Electric Dryer
Main features | Foldable, Takes little storage space
Brand | Upstartech
Boxing Glove Dryer by Berney's SportsCheck price
5. Boxing Glove Dryer
Main features | Comes with sweat absorbent deodorizing spray, simple to use
Brand | Berney’s Sports
Metal Mitten StandCheck price
6. Village Wrought Iron Mitten Stand
Main features | Can dry up to 8 pairs, Great craftsmanship
Brand | Village Wrought
Portable dryer with 12v car adapterCheck price
7. GO! Portable Dryer
Main features | Comes with a 12V car adapter, Dries and deodorize
Brand | Peet
Deal Bonanza DryerCheck price
8. Deal Bonanza Vent Dryer
Main features | Dryer and organizer, Affordable pricing
Brand | Deal Bonanza
Meoly Rubber Glove standCheck price
9. Meoly Rubber Glove Dryer
Main features | Designed for dring gloves, wipes and other kitchen tools
Brand | Meoly
Peet dryer glove attachmentCheck price
10. Peet Glove Dryer Attachment
Main features | Fits all Peet’s DryPort dryers, Effective drying
Brand | Peet

I have tried a lot of different dryers and have paid utmost attention to details, like effectiveness, practicality, versatility, costs, safety, energy-efficiency, duration to dry, etc. and I have reduced it down to 10 best of them.

Based on their efficiency, I have ranked them accordingly. I have tested and tried, and I hope you find one that matches your needs.

1.  PEET M06-GDP Boot and Mitten Dryer

Boot and mitten dryer by Peet

The PEET M06-GDP is my top choice as the best glove dryer on the market. This electric dryer comes with boot and glove drying attachments and is a suitable choice for people who are looking for some serious power.

Made in the USA by Peet Dryer, this boot and mitten dryer is an ideal choice for anyone that wants to dry shoes and gloves at the same time, such as hockey players, soccer goalkeepers, boxers, etc.

The boot and mitten dryer uses an ultra-quiet convection method to quickly and thoroughly dry footwear and gloves within a few hours.

It offers a safe, silent, and energy-saving operation, and you can keep them running continuously 24/7 (Learn how to use any Peet dryer model).

The PEET M06-GDP dryer dries and disinfects boots and gloves by eliminating any moisture, sweat, and odor, thus ensuring dry and healthy feet and hands.

The dryer can safely and effectively dry almost all materials, such as leather, vinyl, rubber, canvas, fleece, synthetic, felt, neoprene, microfiber, etc. without causing any damage.

The sturdy-built base and drip tray of this dryer can efficiently manage two pairs of heavy boots at the same time, and you can effortlessly plug into any regular 110 to 120 V of USA household current.

The PEET M06-GDP mitten and glove dryer come with a 25-year warranty making it worth an investment.

  • Can dry up to pais of gloves or footwear
  • 25-years warranty
  • Quick drying
  • Works silently
  • No timer

2. Original Green Glove Dryer

Green Glove Dryer

The green glove dryer is my top choice for the best eco-friendly solution.

This dryer does not need electricity to operate as it can effectively dry wet gloves, hats, footwear, and many more at the same time by using recycled heat or air from central vents around homes or offices.

The device is energy cost-efficient and eco-friendly as there is no need for plugging in or turning it on.

Made of BPA free plastic, this dryer is safe to utilize and perfect for most materials such as leather, synthetics, wool, fleece, canvas, neoprene, cashmere, and other fabrics thus preventing any size shrinkage or damage to the gear materials.

It is portable and easy to store. With just 1lb, you can carry the dryer around your home, offices, or anywhere. The unit is easy to store in your travel bag.

This green glove dryer is versatile and can work on all floor vents while drying your winter gears faster and efficiently. It is versatile and can dry more than gloves like mittens, hats, shoes, boots, etc.

The device comes with a twist-lock system and vents holes to allow for steady airflow and heat circulation, which helps to dry your gears inside out effectively.

  • Eco friendly – doesn’t need any power
  • Can dry up to 3 pairs at same time
  • Very affordable
  • Dries slowly
  • Not for high or heavy boots

3. Green Glove Mitten Dryer

Green Mitten Dryer

The green glove mitten dryer is also another device from the same company as the #2 I have mentioned above.

The only difference between these two Dryers is that this dryer is hung on wall vents to dry your mittens and other gear.

This device has a multipurpose function to effectively dry your mittens, gloves, shoes, boots, and other accessories.

This dryer from Green Glove is also suited for drying sports gear like hockey gloves and ice skates mittens, leaving you with fresh-smelling sports equipment.

The eco-friendly dryer features the exclusive Sanafor Anti-microbial protection, which helps in preventing the build-up of molds and bacteria while effectively drying your clothing accessories.

It is easy to set up and eco-friendly. Its simple design does not need any plug-ins and turn-ons as it automatically works as soon as you hang it over air vents on the wall of your homes or offices.

The Green Glove Dryer for mitten features a twist-lock nozzle design to prevent tab defects and to provide a solid cover ensuring better airflow from forced air vents.

Place your wet clothing over the nozzles, and within a few hours, the dryer will entirely dry your gears inside out.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable pricing
  • Doesn’t need power source
  • Unlike original version, this one can anly dry 2 pairs at the time

4. Upstartech Electric Glove Dryer

Upstartech Electric Glove Dryer

This Upstartech electric glove dryer is a reasonably small dryer that weighs just 2.05 pounds. The device comes with a 120-minute timer where you can choose to run the dryer for as long as two hours.

The drying machine shuts off automatically at your set time, thus preventing any damage to the materials of your gloves, boots, or shoes.

This dryer silently dries and deodorizes gloves as well as shoes without consuming more electricity.

The electric glove dryer is safe to use and effectively dries gloves, boots, shoes, hats, liners, ski masks, etc., and offers overvoltage protection preventing any damage to the materials.

This dryer is ideal for use in most material types such as leather, neoprene, rubber, fleece, microfiber cloth, canvas, synthetics, felt, and fabrics, thus protecting it from any size shrinkage and extending the life span of your gloves and footwear and other gears.

The Upstartech electric glove dryer is portable, and you can easily fold it up and carry the device around anywhere you go.

This innovative dryer also helps eliminate unpleasant smells caused by sweat as it dehumidifies, deodorizes, and dries your gloves.

The Upstartech manufacturer offers a 100% 60 days money-back guarantee and a two-year unlimited warranty without any refund charges.

  • It’s foldable for easy storage
  • Has timer
  • Effective dehumidification
  • Works silently
  • Drying fould be a bit faster

5. Berney’s Sports Boxing Glove Dryer

Berneys Sports Boxing Glove Dryer

Berney’s Sports boxing glove dryer features two air-dry holster inserts, maintaining the original shape of the glove while additionally allowing proper air and heat circulation in the interior of the gloves properly drying it inside out.

The dryer also comes with a tiny bottle of sweat-absorbing disinfecting spray keeping your boxing glove smelling fresh and clean the next time you put it on.

This dryer is also suitable for other footwear such as gym shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and other athlete shoes.

The boxing glove drying device effectively eliminates bad odors drying up the wet and moist areas all the while maintaining the shape of your boxing gloves.

Unlike other dryers, this boxing glove dryer prevents any damage to the materials and avoid any size depreciation, thus extending the life of the gloves, keeping them like new for a long time.

This dryer thoroughly dries and cleans, and the sweat-absorbent spray leaves the gloves smelling fresh as it works powerfully in eliminating all sweat or unpleasant smells caused when you do an intense workout.

With the Berney Sports boxing glove dryer, you can now work out or train with a dry and comfortable pair of gloves. Never train with wet and moist boxing gloves again.

  • Comes with a bottle of sweat-absorbent deodorizing spray
  • You can dry gloves overnight or quick with help of hairdryer
  • You can also use it on shoes
  • Can be used to dry all type of athletic gloves
  • Spray that comes with it doesn’t smell very good and it’s quite small

6. Village Wrought Iron Mitten Dryer Stand

Mitten Dryer Stand

This dryer stand by Village Wrought Iron is a stylish and high-quality mitten dryer stand perfect for preschoolers.

The mitten dryer stand can also be used to hang a wide range of gloves and hats, coats, and even socks; it can hold eight pairs of mittens, gloves, jackets, hats, boots, shoes, and even socks.

This stand is an ideal choice for large families looking for a dryer to hang their children’s winter gear.

Its remarkable design also makes a beautiful art piece that will make a lovely and fun addition to their winter homes.

The mitten dryer stand also serves as an ideal gift for anyone that likes to maintain personal care.

It is advisable to place this USA-made stand near a heat source such as a fireplace, radiators, etc. in your homes for better and effective drying of your gloves and other gears during winter.

The dryer uses recycled heat from your home to effectively dry your wet and moist winter gear.

You can gift the 39 inches sturdy and attractive stand to your children as it makes an ideal winter organizer all the while enabling their winter home fun and enjoyable.

  • Doesn’t need a power source
  • Can dry up to 8 pairs of gloves or footwear
  • Great quality
  • Takes long time to dry, unless you put it close to heat source (ex. fireplace)

7. Peet GO! Portable Glove Dryer

Peet GO! portable glove dryer

The Peet portable dryer is an innovative dryer specially designed to reduce moisture, unpleasant odors, molds, and bacteria formation.

The dryer is easy to set up and use. It safely and effectively dries and cleans gloves, footwear, and gear, extending the life of the materials.

This dryer is an ideal choice for people who are always on the move. Powered by a 12 Volt car adaptor, it works well as a useful dryer to use at your place or in your car.

You can use the dryer to heat your gloves before you leave your vehicle during the cold winter. The device can easily fit into a convenient pouch so you can enjoy the luxury of having warm gloves and shoes wherever you go.

The portable glove dryer efficiently dries sports gloves, hiking boots, running shoes, or skates and is suitable for use in most materials like canvas, leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, felt, cloth, and other fabrics.

The dryer silently dries and deodorizes gloves and footwear in three to eight hours all the while consuming less energy.

It is small in size, but its highly packed power can handle even a big pair of boots or gloves at once.

Besides, Peet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year limited warranty on the portable glove dryer.

  • Portable
  • Takes very little of space
  • You can plug it in the car
  • You can heat up gloves before using them
  • Not for small footwear
  • Works slowely

8. Deal Bonanza Vent Mitten Dryer

Deal Bonanza Vent Dryer

The Deal Bonanza vent mitten dryer effectively dries mittens, gloves, boots, shoes, and other winter gear that allow steady airflow through the sloth and into the interior of the clothes.

Gloves dry in a matter of minutes when you keep the dryer over a forced-air vent. You can also place this dryer overnight near a convection heat or wood-burning stove or pellet stove or in a fireplace.

The innovatively designed rack helps mittens to dry faster and maintain their shapes by preventing any cracks, shrinks, or bends, thus extending the life of your gloves.

With the revolutionary vent mitten dryer, there will be no more wet or damp mittens, gloves, boots, hats, shoes, etc. You can now wear dry and warm mittens ready for another day of playing in the winter snow.

It can efficiently dry gloves, boots, shoes, or skates and is suitable for use in most materials like neoprene, canvas, leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, felt, cloth, and other fabrics, thus protecting the gloves.

You can place this vented dryer over one of your floor heat vents and leave your gloves, mittens, etc. to dry. Besides, the vent mitten dryer is less inexpensive compared to other comparable products.

  • Affordable pricing
  • No power needed
  • Can dry up to 4 pairs of gloves
  • Dries very slowely if it’s not placed over the vent

9. Meoly Rubber Glove Dryer

Meoly Rubber Glove Dryer

This rubber glove dryer by the Meoly industry is another unique and beautiful rack designed to dry rubber gloves. The dryer stand makes a perfect gift for homemakers and is ideal for keeping in the kitchen.

It’s made out of top-quality ABS plastic that does not get moldy or lead to any build-up of bacteria like a traditional wooden glove stand.

The US creation product is sturdy, durable, stable, and eco-friendly, which makes it all the more suitable.

The rubber glove dryer is safe to use and suitable for drying rubber gloves or wipes and other kitchen accessories or items.

The dryer stand is easy to set up and assemble, and with its simple bucket design and sturdy frame, you do not need any glue or tape to place it on a table or kitchen counters.

This dryer is lightweight (weighs only 150 grams) has dual support and is easy to dry gloves and also prevents any water leakage, heightening the drain design.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wetting the table in your kitchen while drying.

The dryer works by effectively drying your wet and moist rubber gloves, and you will find that your gloves are dried every time you reach for them.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Made from safe ASB plastic
  • Base is a bit slippy

10. Peet Glove Dryer Attachment

Peet Dryer Attachment

This is an attachment for gloves you can put on any Peet dryer that has Dryports.

It works by efficiently drying and deodorizing and eliminates moisture, sweat, cold, and bad odor from your gloves and mittens, thus ensuring clean, healthy, warm, and dry hands.

It’s uniquely designed to direct and allow free air circulation for the in-and-out drying of your gloves and mittens.

It’s safe to use and offers maximum protection by preventing any damage to most materials.

The dryer can effectively dry most materials such as vinyl, rubber, neoprene, canvas, felt, fleece, leather, plastic, microfiber, and many more thus extending the lifespan of your gloves.

The Peet glove dryer attachment also maintains the shape and helps to prevent any shrinking in sizes and forms while drying your gloves and mittens.

The glove dryer attachment is also suitable for use in all gloves and mittens and all kinds of materials, especially motorcycle gloves.

Thus this attachment is a perfect choice for any motorcyclist who needs to keep their hands dry, warm, comfortable, and clean.

Besides Peet manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on the attachment, which also makes it worth an investment.

  • Very efficiant
  • Affordable solution if you already have Peet dryer
  • You can only use it on Peet’s models that have DryPorts
  • Not good for drying smaller boxing glove

Are Mitten and Glove Dryers Worth the Money?

Having dry and warm gloves and mittens can be priceless, especially when it is cold and wet outside. It is better to invest in a good quality mitten and glove dryer to keep your gloves deodorized, dry, and clean.

Leaving your gloves damp can lead to the build-up of bacteria and molds, which can cause severe skin irritations.

Most dryers are not very expensive, but some electric dryers can be, especially those that can dry boots and gloves at the same time.

However, if you look beyond the price and look at the fantastic features of these costlier dryers, you will find that they are beneficial and very versatile as you can use them to dry everything from hats, footwear, gloves, and even some sports equipment, making them worth the money.

Thus, no matter what your budget is, it is always worth keeping in mind to go for the quality of the product as you can assure yourself that it can dry your gears effectively within 2 hours and without damaging the materials or tampering with the sizes, thus making the dryer worth your money.

I am not implying that the most costly ones are the best. Even the cheaper ones can prove to be more efficient in their unique way.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

So are you considering buying a dryer for gloves but you still have questions about its features, functions, and how it works? Search your answers below:

How fast do they dry gloves?

The time taken to dry gloves depends upon the type of dryers you use, what kind of materials your gloves are made from, and also how wet and damp your gloves are. The electric dryers deliver faster and quicker drying, and they can also dry gloves within one to four hours, unlike other non-electric dryers that take as long as 12 hours or even more to dry gloves.

Do glove attachments for dryers work for boxing gloves?

Glove attachment dryers are straight, hardened plastic and fingers that cannot be bent or stretched. If you cannot open boxing gloves wide, you will have a problem putting them on to dry. So, you will be better off with the normal boot dryer, with kids’ glove attachment, or with a dedicated boxing glove dryer.

Are gloves and mitten dryers noisy?

The only dryers that make noise are those dryers that use forced air, but even then they barely make any noise. The sound that they make is similar to the noise computer fans make. Most of the other dryers don’t make noise at all.

Can regular use reduce the unpleasant smell on my gloves?

Because the gloves are dried faster than air drying outside, it will help reduce the smell but won’t eliminate the bad odor on your gloves.

Can the dryer damage my gloves?

No. Dryers that use heat or forced air do not produce enough heat to damage any materials. Your gloves are safe drying on them.


So that is all you need to know about dryers for gloves. This is my recommended list of the ten best glove dryer reviews, and with any luck, you find this article useful.

If you have any doubts or queries about any of the dryers I reviewed above, feel free to use the comment section below, and I will be sure to answer immediately.

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