How to Use a Peet Boot Dryer: Ultimate Guide For All Models

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Peet dryers have been in service for more than five decades. During these years, this brand has made a name for itself by providing its customers with long-lasting, quality-assured products, i.e., Boots and shoe dryers. But just in case you are new to this product and wondering how to use a Peet boot dryer, here is how.

Using a Peet dryer is pretty simple; just connect the device to a power source, and an electrical outlet, and your dryer is ready to do your service. There is, of course, a bit of a difference between different models but that will be covered in this article, so that’s not an issue.

Peet dryers are not complicated devices that require tons of instructions and tutorials. However, knowing how to operate the device correctly is crucial as it will prevent accidents, damage, and malfunction.

Here are some of the popular Peet dryer models, and instructions on how to use them.

How to turn on Peet boot dryers?

Original Peet dryer (M97), Multi Peet Dryer (M06) and Wader Peet (M97-WMB)

  1. Assemble the base plates of the Original Peet dryer by sliding them together. The Multi Peet dryer’s base plate is factory assembled, so skip this step if you have one.
  2. Attach the DryPorts to air channel tubes.
  3. Make sure that the tongue and laces of your boots are loose. This will ensure the free circulation of air.
  4. Place your shoes over the DryPorts in an upside-down position. Ensure that the heel is lower than the toe to ensure effective drying.
  5. Channel the dryer into an electrical outlet or socket and turn it on.
Most Peet dryers reach its peak temperature point in ten minutes, and it will not go beyond its temperature limit. It is powered by thermal convection technology, so it is noise-free, which means it will do its job silently.

Using a DryPort attachment is necessary as it allows the free flow of air. To avoid overheating, do not place the device near another source of heat.

Advantage Peet Dryer – M07F

  1. Put the DryPorts into their place, i.e. into the air chamber tubes.
  2. Connect the device to a power source.
  3. Look for the switch with a heat selector. This device can use room-temperature air as well as heated air. Move the switch to your liking or preference.
  4. Set the timer by rotating the dial. The maximum drying time is three hours. The time can be seen on an LED display. The device will shut off automatically when the time is up.

The Advantage Peet dryer M07F works with an ionization technology that is functional with both heated air and room temperature air. This device removes bacteria, unpleasant odors, and many airborne contaminants through the ionization process.

When using this device, never forget to use the DryPort attachments as the dryer may not function properly. Always keep the dryer away from the fireplace, room heater, or any other source of heat. This will reduce the chance of overheating the dryer, which can damage both the dryer and the footwear.

Go Peet Dryer – M04P

This is a portable shoe and boot dryer. The Go Peet M04P dryer package should include the following. A pair of dryers, a transformer plug, a standard automobile 12-volt adapter plug, and a Peet travel pouch.

  1. Put the dryers inside the footwear. The DC jack must face upward.
  2. Connect the adapter to a DC jack.
  3. Supply the dryer with power by inserting the adapter into an outlet.
  4. The tongue and laces of the footwear must be loosened to ensure free air circulation.

This device can be used overnight, which means it will not cause any problems even if it is plugged in for the whole night. It is designed to use for extended periods without the risk of causing damage due to overheating.

It uses natural thermal convection technology, so it does not make a sound when it is in operation.

Propane Peet shoe Dryer- P 2000B

This device is meant for outdoor use only.

  1. Turn the valve once to open it.
  2. Remove the air from the fuel line by purging it for 30 seconds.
  3. Place the dryer in a tilted position and light it up with a match.
  4. If the dryer does not light up within the first few attempts, locate the retaining washer, there should be a hole behind it. Put the thumb over the hole and try lighting the dryer.
  5. A blue flame should appear in the center tee once it is lit. This may not be visible in the sunlight, although the heat can be felt.
  6. The dryer is ready to use, place it on a flat surface and let it dry your boots.

Important Note: Never attempt to use a remote gas supply to connect it to a propane dryer.

Power Cell Peet Dryer – M08

  • Turn on the Power Cell Peet Dryer by connecting it to a power supply outlet. The signal light must turn on if it is properly connected; this indicates that the device is ready to use.
  • Prepare your boots or shoes by loosening its tongue and laces. Put the Power Cell Peet dryers in the footwear. Ensure that there is at least a one-inch gap between the dryer and the toe.

This dryer is maintenance-free, which means it is non-serviceable and is made to last for a very long time. Check the device from time to time for foreign objects on the air intake.

This clogging can be bad for your dryer as these objects can build up over time and block the air intakes restricting the flow of air.

Clogged air intake can cause the dryer to overheat problems, and may even damage it as well as the footwear. Always have the manufacturer replace the power chords in case of damage. Keep the dryer out of children’s reach.

Ultra Dryer and Deodorizer – MO803

  1. To use this device, supply it with power by connecting it to a power outlet. This will activate both deodorizing and drying features.
  2. Put the ULTRAs into any one of the shoes.
  3. The red light indicates the drying function, while the blue light indicates the ozone-deodorizing feature.
  4. Do not worry if the blue light goes off and on, and the device is working completely fine. This is so because the deodorizing feature is designed to shut itself off after five minutes of operation. It will remain inactive for fifty-five minutes and then turn back on for five minutes. This will keep repeating as long as the device is in operation.
  5. The deodorizing feature can be turned back on manually by pressing the O3 button.


As you might have realized, using any model of the Peet dryer is straightforward. A first-time user would have no difficulty with how to use a Peet boot dryer.

This guide is a ready reference for you. However, to ensure optimum results, always follow the instructions provided in the user’s manual.

If you have any questions regarding the topic, feel free to post your comments.

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