MaxxDry Boot Dryer: Detailed Reviews of All Their Models

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For everyone that had to wade through swamp, snow, or rain, boot dryers can make all the difference and MaxxDry boot dryer is one of the best out there.

They were developed with keeping boots, shoes, and gloves dry and safe. Their models speed up the drying process and allow you to have a comfortable experience while hiking, skiing, and hunting.

Boots or shoes that don’t dry properly can grow dangerous bacteria and cause uncomfortable foot odor or even develop Athlete’s Foot.

Workers, athletes, hiking enthusiasts, and hunters all over the world, are all using their dryers.

Therefore, I wanted to make a list of some of their best models to help you choose the best MaxxDry boot dryer for your needs.

Maxxdry xl boot dryer
My MaxxDry Dryer of Choice

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer
It’s silent and powerful and will dry 2 pairs of boots faster than any other dryer I tried. It’s also more affordable than most dryers with similar capacity.

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Why MaxxDry?

The idea of never having to worry about wet or damp shoes is what everyone at MaxxDry stands behind.

Coming from Seattle, a city that gets 92 days of precipitation a year, it’s no wonder that they became fed up with wet shoes.

You get used to raining, but no one can deal with wet boots all the time. That’s why it’s so important to keep your feet dry and the guys and girls from this company know this.

The advance in technology has led to dryers working quickly, safely, and silently. MaxxDry is one of the companies that makes the best dryers out there, including various types and models.

Their portable models are ideal for travelers and light users. They also have more powerful models too for people that get their boots wet almost daily.

Best MaxxDry Boot Dryer Reviews

Heavy-Duty Boot DryerCheck price
1. MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot Dryer
Main features | Quick drying, build-in timer, reduce the growth of bacteria and mold
Type | Forced air
Heavy Duty SP DryerCheck price
2. Heavy Duty SP Dryer
Main features | Quick drying time, safe for all materials
Type | Forced air
Boot Dry SDCheck price
3. Boot Dry SD
Main features | Eliminates odors, silent
Type | Convection air
SSD DryerCheck price
4. SSD Dryer
Main features | Drip tray, can dry high boots, 3-6h dry time
Type | Convection air
HT DryerCheck price
5. HT Dryer
Main features | Eliminates odors, portable, no noise
Type | Convection air
MaxxDry Traveler VTCheck price
6. MaxxDry Traveler VT: Portable Boot and Shoe Dryer
Main features | Portable, silent, car adapter included
Type | Convection air

With so many models available, people often struggle to choose the best model possible for their needs.

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about them so I decided to make a list of MaxxDry dryer reviews for everyone looking for one.

Even though MaxxDry makes consistently good dryers, not all people have the same needs. I’ve tried to find something for everyone.

The models that I included in the list were tested and rated by the price, practicality, drying time, and durability.

I hope that my list will help you find the right model.

1. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer: Best Choice

Maxxdry heavy duty boot dryer

My absolute winner is a Heavy-duty boot dryer formerly known as MaxxDry XL Boot Dryer.

If you don’t need a small portable dryer, this one is the best MaxxDry boot and shoe dryer that you can get.

Besides being very powerful and quick, you can also dry two pairs of footwear at once. It’s also more affordable than other dryers that have the same features.

Your boots will be dry in almost an hour thanks to the 105 degrees F hot air forced through four drying ports.

When in a hurry, you can set a neat shut-off timer for up to 180 minutes and leave it working on its own.

You will also get two 16” attachments which can be used for higher boots or waders. There are also many attachments available for your helmets or gloves.

MaxxDry heavy-duty boot dryer is one of the fastest ones that I’ve tried and it surprises me how affordable it is.

It is very similar to the DryGuy Forced Air dryer. If you want to see all the similarities, you can read the full comparison here.

I would be even happier with it if I could turn on only one pair of ports at once.

Overall it’s a great dryer and that’s why I also included it on my best boot dryer list.

  • Powerful and affordable
  • Short drying time
  • Shut-off timer
  • 16” extensions included

  • Can’t toggle ports

2. MaxxDry Heavy Duty SP Dryer

MaxxDry SP dryer

We are looking at probably the strongest MaxxDry portable boot dryer. Heavy-duty MaxxDry SP dryer is a great combination of portability and efficiency.

True, it is a bit bigger than other portable dryers, but this MaxxDry boot, shoe, and glove dryer will give you a lot faster drying time.

The 240-watt dryer uses heated forced air to get the moisture, bacteria, and odor out of your footwear.

Two 8.5” telescopic ports can be extended to suit higher boots and you can also rotate them for 180 degrees to get the best drying angle.

It heats up to 105 degrees F so it will be safe for all materials.

Drying time is expected to be 1-2 hours, but you can set up a timer to 180 minutes and leave the dryer to work on its own without having to worry.

MaxxDry SP dryer if you don’t need to dry more than one pair at a time and it turned out to be perfect for sports shoes.

  • Short drying time
  • Adjustable drying ports
  • Safe operation
  • Silent and portable

  • Only one pair at a time

3. MaxxDry SD Boot Dryer

Maxxdry sd boot dryer

Besides having a similar name to the SDD model, the MaxxDry SD boot dryer also looks and works similarly too.

Influenced by the original PEET dryer, this model dries your boots quickly and efficiently through two vertical drying ports. It’s also one of the best-selling MaxxDry boot dryers.

Thermal convection technology makes this MaxxDry SD model safe for all footwear materials.

It doesn’t have any fancy features like switches, timers, or drip trays, but it does its job well for a very affordable price.

Thanks to being silent and energy-efficient, you can easily leave the MaxxDry SD boot dryer to work overnight without worrying.

I like how you can take ports apart and make the dryer lower or higher but would prefer if it had any kind of switch with it.

  • Silent and energy efficient
  • Simple to use
  • Works with all materials

  • Relatively slow drying
  • No switches or timers

4. SSD MaxxDry Silent Boot & Shoe Dryer

Silent boot & shoe dryer

This MaxxDry SSD model is a simple boot and glove dryer similar to the original boot dryer made by PEET.

Based on efficient thermal convection, it will dry your pair of boots in 3-6 hours and remove dampness and odor from your footwear.

With this MaxxDry silent boot and shoe dryer, you can dry all types of shoes or boots as high as 16”.

Innovative design tweaks like small draining flutes along the tube and drip tray are great additions to this no-nonsense dryer.

There is no timer, which is a bit of a disappointment, but at least there’s a lighted on/off switch so you don’t have to plug it out of the wall.

It’s a great and simple model that works safely and silently enough for you to leave it working overnight.

The only thing that I would add is a programmable timer, but it works fine without it too.

  • Silent and efficient
  • Innovative tube design
  • Safe for all materials
  • Drip tray included
  • Warranty

  • Lacking a timer

5. HT MaxxDry Shoe Dryer

Maxxdry shoe dryer

We are not done with portable dryers yet. This MaxxDry silent boot & shoe dryer is a great little device to have when you want to dry your shoes after a practice or walk.

Two thermal convection dryers work silently and safely dry your boots and shoes for you.

Despite its small size (8 ¾” x 2 ¼” x 1”), the HT MaxxDry shoe dryer is very efficient and it will dry all kinds of shoes easily.

These dryers are great for travel since they fit all kinds of luggage bags easily.

You can even leave this MaxxDry silent boot & shoe dryer to work overnight and wake up with dry and warm boots waiting for you.

I noticed that they are not perfect when there’s a lot of moisture in boots, but otherwise, they work great for quite a reasonable price.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Work safely overnight
  • Efficient thermal convection drying

  • Not great for soaked boots

6. MaxxDry Traveler: Portable Boot and Shoe Dryer

Maxxdry traveler

Light, portable, and highly practical, this MaxxDry traveler dryer is a great tool to have on hand when you need to quickly warm or dry your shoes on the road.

It’s compact enough to fit your luggage, backpack, or laptop bag and it will fit easily into your car compartments.

It may not be the most efficient MaxxDry boot dryer when it comes to drying time, but it’s great as a temporary solution.

You will even get an adapter so you can plug it into your car so you don’t have to rely on electrical plugs all the time.

The set of two small dryers will fit any shoe and it’s safe for all materials.

It may be not great for heavy and soaked boots, but it’s still a decent dryer and warmer that will always be there when you need it.

  • Light and compact
  • Great warmer
  • Comes with a car adapter

  • Slow drying time
  • Not ideal for heavy boots

MaxxDry Extensions and Attachments

Another thing I like about MaxxDry dryers is how easily upgradeable they are. Instead of buying additional dryers for your helmets, gloves, or waders, you can just add a special extension to your MaxxDry dryer.

This way you just add an extension and get a whole new possibility from your dryer. Before you buy your extension, make sure that it is compatible with the model you already have.

1. MaxxDry Helmet Attachment

I can’t even remember how many times I had to use this neat helmet attachment with my MaxxDry boot dryer.

It’s a simple and affordable solution for every skier, biker, cyclist, or worker that needs to try his or her helmet quickly and safely.

This way you don’t have to buy an individual helmet dryer and can save a lot of space and money.

Simply attach this practical attachment to your dryer and it will circulate hot air all over your helmet to get you ready for the next game, practice, or trip.

However, this attachment will only work with the MaxxDry heavy-duty Boot Dryer.

2. MaxxDry Boot Extension

Maxxdry boot extension

We all know the struggle of drying out wet waders and high boots. They can be hard to dry even with a boot dryer due to their height.

If you already have a MaxxDry SD boot dryer, there is no reason for you to buy a special high dryer too, and waste your money.

All you need is this simple and affordable MaxxDry extension that will 6 more inches of clearance to your dryer.

The extensions are remarkably easy to install and you can even stack more than one extension, depending on how high your boots are.

You only have to make sure that you got the proper MaxxDry boot dryer model.

Other MaxxDry Dryers and Heaters

After paving its way with MaxxDry boot dryers, the company decided to try its hands at other specialized dryers.

Besides their boot dryers, MaxxDry has also become proficient in making several other dryers and warmers.

You can browse through their selection on Amazon and find dehumidifiers, hand warmers, room, and safe dryers, and many other models.

Here are some interesting MaxxDry dryers that you may find interesting.

1. Safe Dryer

Safe dryer

Here’s another MaxxDry dryer and dehumidifier for safes that will make any humid space dryer safer.

Humidity inside your safe can damage your invaluable documents and papers and cause them to fade and get moldy.

Humidifiers are equally important for gun safes, to prevent rust and ammunition failure.

This MaxxDry safe dryer is eco-friendly, non-toxic, portable, and 100% rechargeable. It can absorb up to 6-8 ounces of moisture in one cycle.

When it’s empty the indicator turns from orange to green. To recharge it just plug it in and wait for only 4 hours until it’s good to go again.

2. Hand Warmer and Charger

Hand warmer

In MaxxDry, they have really gone out of their way when they made this interesting 2-in-1 GreenHeat hand warmer and portable charger.

I was reluctant to buy it, but it worked great in cold and freezing temperatures, especially during skiing trips.

The handwarmer has 2 temperature settings, a low setting of 107 degrees F and a high one of 118 degrees F.

On the other hand, it can also serve as a portable 4400mAh phone charger, giving you a great backup if you don’t have an outlet near.

Standard use time is 4-5 hours and it can simply be recharged with a micro USB cable. It doesn’t cost a lot or take a lot of space, but it can turn out to be a lifesaver.

Who are MaxxDry Dryers For?

MaxxDry boot and glove dryer

Anyone spending lots of time outdoors knows how annoying it is to have to get a pair of wet boots.

Skiers, hunters, hikers, workers, athletes, safety engineers, and many other outdoor enthusiasts found a solution to their problems in MaxxDry dryers.

Having a pair of fully-dried boots or shoes in the morning is a pure blessing for everyone. Especially for everyone having to spend all day on their feet.

Their dryers help them dry their work boots, shoes, waders, gloves, and helmets quickly and safely.

How Do Their Dryers Work?

MaxxDry air boot dryer

MaxxDry uses forced air technology that blows hot air inside of your boot instead of relying just on heat.

This reduced the drying time drastically, from up to 8 hours to 1 hour or less.

Some of the models use forced air, which dries footwear longer but doesn’t produce any noise.

Their best models also have multiple ports, so that you can dry two pairs of gloves or boots at a time.

The great thing about them is that you can set timers on most of the dryers and leave them working unsupervised.

While drying or warming your pair of boots, MaxxDry also makes sure that you don’t suffer from dangerous bacteria that can grow in damp settings.

Athlete’s Foot, foot fungus, and bad odor are just some of the problems caused by wet footwear.

MaxxDry produces some of the most affordable, but still, quality-made dryers. They are considered one of the best boot dryer manufacturers.

Besides the dryers, you can also get some amazing accessories and other gadgets responsible for keeping your feet dry and your body warm.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you learned a lot from my MaxxDry boot dryer reviews and you found them interesting. I’ve tried my best to be informative and interesting at the same time.

If you still have some questions for me, you’re welcome to post them in the comment section. If you find this information useful, you are welcome to share and like it.

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