Shoe Dryer Rack: Top 10 Quick And Easy To Use Models

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We are all aware of how long it normally takes for a shoe to dry out completely, and this is where the genius of Shoe Dryer Rack comes to your rescue.

An effective shoe dryer rack helps in drying off your bulky shoes and gloves at a minimal time. Wet shoes and gloves are an ideal venue for mold and bacteria to multiply.

This elevates the chances of your feet getting infected, and (of course) promotes an unappealing aroma.

A wet shoe can also cause more than just some minor inconvenience if you need them the next day for your work or training projects.

In this list, we will guide you through all the various options of drying racks you can find in the market, and validate their pros and cons to help you find your ideal product.

Main Types of Mitt and Boot Drying Racks

There are three main types of Mitt and Boot Drying rack products you will find in the market.

  1. Basic Rack type

As the name suggests, this type of shoe dryer rack is the simplest form of design to achieve quick shoe/ glove drying.

The most common type of basic rack is constructed with the help of pipes and wires. In some cases, however, wood is also implemented along with the iron rod and pipes as well.

This design works on the simple concept of allowing optimum airflow within the shoe to keep it fresh and dry. You can also utilize this basic mitten dryer rack by placing it next to the radiator or above the heat vent as well.

In terms of drying capacity, the basic boot drying rack may not be the most logical option. However, they are available as both walls mounted or free-standing, not to mention their low price tag.

  1. Electric Shoe Dryer Rack

The electric shoe dryer rack is an upgrade to the basic type of rack mentioned above. This type of rack implements the mechanism of heat convection to keep your shoe, gloves, and hats dry.

They too come either as wall-mounted or free-standing. They have a fairly mid-range price tag and take about 3-6 hours to dry up your shoe completely.

  1. Drying machine rack

This type of shoe drying rack is unlike the other conventional form of drying racks. This type of rack acts as an external shoe-drying rack for your existing drying machine.

It is usually the most effective of the bunch but is also the most expensive as well. However, there are no universal racks that you can use for all drying machines.

Instead, you have to find the right model compatible with your machine.

Best Mitt and Boot Drying Rack on the Market

Check priceFeatures
Electric drying rack for bootsCheck price
1. DryGuy Electric Boot Drying Rack
Main features | Radiant heating, No moving parts, Simple to use
Powered by | Electricity
Electric shoe drying rackCheck price
2. Wall-Mounted Electric Shoe Dryer Rack
Main features | Wall-Mounted, Silent and efficient, 3-4h drying time
Powered by | Electricity
Boot dryer rack by ColibroxCheck price
3. Colibrox Electric Shoe Dryer Rack
Main features | Freestanding, Dries and dehumidifies, Fits 4 pairs of shoes or gloves
Powered by | Electricity
LG dryer drying rackCheck price
4. LG OEM 3750EL0001C Drying Rack
Main features | Fits LG 3750EL0001C and similar model, Easy to use
Powered by | No power
Mitt and shoe drying rackCheck price
5. Hat, Mitt and Boot Drying Rack
Main features | Quick drying, For drying and organizing
Powered by | No power
Wall-mounted boot rackCheck price
6. Rack’Em Boot Drying Rack
Main features | Dry, store & organize boots & waders, Wall-mounted, Versatile use
Powered by | No power
Shoe rack by Rock emCheck price
7. Rack’Em Economy Dryer Rack
Main features | 8.5" height, Safe for all materials, Steel construction
Powered by | No power
6 pair boot drying rackCheck price
8. 6 Pair Boot Drying Rack
Main features | Can dry 6 pairs at same time, Easy assembly, Durable
Powered by | No power
Enjoy electric shoe drying rackCheck price
9. EnjoyShop Electric Shoe Dryer Rack
Main features | Dries & dehumidifies, Quick drying time, Silent and efficient
Powered by | Electricity
LG dryer rackCheck price
10. LG 3750EL1001A Rack
Main features | Genuine LG replacement part, Simple use, Quick drying
Powered by | No power

There are no shortages of the mitt and boot drying racks in the market at present. This is why we extensively reviewed some of the best-known products to verify their true quality.

To come up with the list, we tested a plethora of shoe dryer rack products and paid primary attention to their drying capacity, ease of usage, and pricing amongst many other key aspects.

1. DryGuy Electric Boot Drying Rack

Electric boot drying rack

The DryGuy electric boot drying rack is the most logical purchase option at present.

It has all the features you need at a decent price range, making it an excellent purchase.

The product is an electric boot dryer rack and promotes quick drying duration.

It also has ample and long drying rods making it an ideal rack to dry your high shoes and boots.

It comes in three different mounting options: floor, wall, and free-standing, making it a highly practical rack option as well.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Ideal for high boots and gloves
  • Energy-efficient drying rods
  • Ample mounting options

  • Supports only 2 pairs of shoes

2. Wall-Mounted Electric Shoe Dryer Rack

Electric shoe dryer rack

The next product is the Eight24hours wall-mounted electric shoe dryer rack.

As the name suggests, it too uses the heat convection mechanism to dry up your gloves and shoes.

The design is basic at best, but the drying capacity is impressive.

The glove and boot dryer rack operates on any 120V, 50Hz supply, and takes anywhere between 3-4 hours to dry your shoes depending on how wet your shoes are.

The shoe dryer rack also comes only with wall mounting capability, but it is significantly simple to install.

One of its unique features, however, is its ability to perform the drying process with optimum efficiency, and convincing silence as well.

  • Efficient and silent performance
  • Good drying capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Dries dehumidifies and sanitizes

  • Only wall mounting option

3. Colibrox Electric Shoe Dryer Rack

Colibrox electric boot dryer rack

This is again another great electric boot dryer rack from Colibrox.

Apart from the usual high efficient electric boot drying mechanism the product implements, it also has excellent practical value.

The Calibrox electric shoe dry rack is one of the most practical purchase options on the market.

It supports up to 4 pairs of shoes, and gloves simultaneously, whereas the other products can only house 2 pairs at a time.

The drying rack is also compatible with drying hats and ski boots, making it an ideal ski boot dryer rack as well.

It is, however, available only in the free-standing mounting option.

  • Highly practical
  • Silent performance
  • Minimal installation requirement
  • Supports up to 4 pairs of shoes

  • Only available in free-standing mounting

4. LG OEM 3750EL0001C Drying Rack

LG drying rack

This is not your typical boot drying rack like the other options mentioned before in the list. Instead, this is a drying rack compatible with your LG OEM drying machine.

The precise model of the drying machine with which the dryer is compatible is the LG OEM part: 3750EL0001C.

As mentioned earlier, this type of boot dryer rack can only be used for its specific drying machine model.

Thus, purchase this only if you own an LG OEM drying machine.

You can also search for your drying machine compatibility by entering your machine’s model number in the targeted search area.

Apart from finding the right match, it also has an excellent build quality and fits in perfectly as well.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Ideal fit for compatible models
  • Good pricing

  • Application limited to specific machine models

5. Deal Bonanza Hat, Mitt, and Boot Drying Rack

Mitt and Boot Drying Rack

This is probably the simplest and also cheapest mitt and boot drying rack on the list.

It does not come with all the fancy features, but with the right heating vent placement, it can produce exceptional results.

The Real Bonanza shoe drying rack is a basic rack type, so it does not come with any internal heat production mechanism.

Rather it depends on hot air vents or radiators to accelerate its drying capacity.

The rack is as basic as it gets, but with the right placement, it is capable of executing any magnitude of drying procedure.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple construction
  • Excellent drying capacity while placed above the hot air vent
  • Applicable for gloves, hats, and mitts

  • Not ideal for large boots
  • Small size

6. Rack’Em Boot Drying Rack

Boot drying rack

If you want to look at the aesthetic and unique design aspect, the Rack’Em boots and wader racks are probably your ideal choice.

Out of all the sea of cliché and rather boring boot drying rack design mechanisms, the Rack’Em provides an intuitive alternative.

The rack not only provides an ideal place to keep your shoes clean and dry but also elevates the aesthetic feature of your room.

The rack comes in various size options ranging from 1 pair to 8 pairs with different price tags as well.

Hence, make sure you choose the compatible size while purchasing this particular shoe dryer rack.

The construction of the dryer is also sturdy and supports any magnitude of heavyweight boots.

  • Comes in 4 different size options
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Unique design

  • Basic rack type (no internal heating)

7. Rack’Em Economy Dryer Rack

Rock'em rack

This is yet again, another great shoe dryer rack product from Rack’Em. As the name indicates, the product is both unique and economical as well.

This boots and glove dryer rack, in particular, is ideal for hanging and drying high boots and hats/ helmets as well.

It has the highest dimension measurement of all the other shoe dryer rack products in the list measuring 3.5” in height and 9” in width.

If you are a particular owner of multiple ski boots and large gloves, this is your ideal and cheapest purchase option in the market.

Since it is a basic rack type, you will need to place it over a hot air vent if your shoes are wet.

  • Ideal for high boots and gloves
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Economical
  • Unique design

  • Unstable at high loads

8. Innoka 6 Pair Boot Drying Rack

Innoka 6 pair boot drying rack

The Innoka Boot Drying Rack deviates itself from the usual design of the conventional boot dryer rack.

It is also significantly more expensive than all the other types of shoe dryer racks that have been mentioned.

However, the additional price tag comes with its abundant positive features such as enhanced practicality and optimum structure stability.

Unlike other racks that become wobbly and unstable at heavy loads, the Innoka boot drying rack is designed with high-quality aluminum bars and a wooden frame.

This makes it an extremely stable unit, even at its full capacity. It is also high enough to support your high boots as well.

  • Extremely stable structure
  • Ideal for any type of boots
  • Supports up to 6 pairs
  • Excellent durability and design material

  • A bit expensive

9. EnjoyShop Electric Shoe Dryer Rack

Enjoy shop shoe drying rack

Talking about the stability of a shoe dryer, the EnjoyShop electric shoe dryer rack is another great product offering optimum sturdy construction.

Unlike other electric footwear dryer racks which are usually designed in a straight line, the EnjoyShop design resembles more like a loop to balance out the weights when multiple shoes are housed.

Apart from good stability aspect, it is also an electric shoe dryer rack, which means you don’t have to search for the perfect air vent placement.

The heating capacity is a standard 3-4 hour for complete dry as well.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Electrical heating mechanism
  • Easily portable
  • Minimal space consumption

  • Supports only 2 pairs of shoes/ gloves

10. LG 3750EL1001A Rack

LG 3750EL1001A Rack

The last product on the list is yet again another drying machine rack from LG.

As always, make sure you check your drying machine model compatibility with the rack before making the purchase.

The product has excellent build quality as one can expect from a premium brand such as LG.

If your model shows compatible, you don’t need to worry about the rack fitting inside your drying machine.

It would also be a good idea to check how to use it before you purchase it as many people often find it difficult to fit such a drying rack inside their machines.

  • Excellent rack quality
  • Easy installation
  • Good value for money

  • Only limited to certain compatible models

Choosing the Right Shoe Drying Rack For Your Needs

As mentioned before shoe dryer rack mainly consists of three different types. All these different types of racks have their unique and individual functionality.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance to figure out which type of racks would be ideal for you depending on different parameters and your personal needs.

Hence, we will focus on what these different types of racks are good for and what they are not to help you make your ideal purchase.

Basic Rack

The basic rack has two primary advantages: they are cheap, and they are easily portable.

If you have a limited spending budget for the dryer rack, the basic rack type will provide the cheapest purchase option.

Also, the vast majority of the basic shoe racks are lightweight and easily portable since they do not require any internal heating elements.

However, if you are looking for racks that can dry your shoe quickly, you should stay away from this type of shoe dryer rack.

They do not have an internal heating component; hence, they depend on external radiators and heat vents to dry your shoes.

Electrical Rack

The electric shoe dryer rack is ideal if you have a significant medium price range, and also requires good heating capacity.

Since they have internal heating component, you can keep them anywhere around the house where a power outlet is available.

They are also available in various mounting options, so you can install them almost anywhere.

Since electricity is readily available; this type of rack is probably the most convenient as well.

However, electrical racks usually have poor high boots compatibility, as most of them have low height construction.

Thus, if you have a collection of high boot shoes, it may not be the ideal choice.

Dry Machine Rack

Dry machine racks are the most expensive, but, they are also the most effective type of shoe dryer racks.

This is primarily because they depend entirely on external drying machines. Drying machines are the best way of ensuring the quickest time for drying your shoes.

However, the major drawback is that you need to own a drying machine in the first place and make sure your machine’s model is compatible with the particular dry machine rack.

Hence, finding the ideal dry machine rack that is compatible with your drying machine can be a massive problem.

Final Thoughts

With all the provided information about the various types of shoe dryer racks, you should now be clear with their basic concepts.

This will help you narrow down your purchase options when you consider buying a new shoe dryer rack on your next venture.

You can also skip out on the complicated research process by referring to our list.

The above list also contains some of the best shoe dryer rack products available on Amazon at present.

If you require any additional questions, feel free to leave them in a comment section.

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