Ski Boot Cover: DryGuy Boot Glove Review

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Sometimes your skiing boots are not enough to protect you from harsh, winter conditions. Designed to endure even the coldest Alaskan weather, the DryGuy ski boot cover Boot Glove will provide you with an additional protection layer for your ski boots.

Made with a special neoprene outer shell, this is one of the many amazing DryGuy products that focus on making your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

No matter how heavily dressed you are, if your feet are cold, you will be cold. Skiing or hiking in cold weather can be a lot of fun, but freezing toes can make it more than uncomfortable.

Ski boot cover for warmer feet
DryGuy ski boot cover will keep the temperature in your bot above 20 degrees F at all times. During the tests in Fairbanks, they have placed a Boot Glove over just one boot and went skiing.

In the end, the shell of the protected ski boot was over 5 degrees warmer than the one that was left unprotected. The best thing is that multiple tests have shown yielded similar results.

Why Consider this ski boot cover?

This type of insulation is invaluable in freezing Alaskan or Canadian regions.

It also comes with side abrasion patches and it’s made to be completely wind and waterproof, providing maximum protection for your feet.

Special thermal reflective strips stick to the boot liner and allow even better insulation against harsh conditions.

Boot glove is not a universal size. However, you can choose almost every possible size that you might need.

They have size 3 to size 15 (32-48 European). Make sure that you consult the size chart if you decide to buy your own.

Just like with any other DryGuy product, you will get a 30-day warranty in case you change your mind.

DryGuy boot glove
  • Affordable price
  • Increases ski boot temperature
  • Reduces the amount of snow that  sticks to the buckles
  • Good solution for purely insulated ski boots
  • Doesn’t actually produce any heat
  • Bottom strap showed signs of use quickly


Proven to work even in the harshest, coldest conditions. This ski boot cover is the perfect solution for either professional or recreational skiers or even hikers struggling to keep their feet warm.

As you can see, this is a simple yet effective solution for warmer feet while skiing. I hope this article helped you decide if this product is worth trying or not.

In case you have any questions regarding this product, you can leave the question in the comment section.

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