Ski Boot Dryer: 10 Best Drying Devices For Ski & Snowboard Boots

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After you have invested in a nice pair of ski boots, you will want to keep them dry and in good condition all the time.  It is more convenient to maintain them now because there are modern technologies available to dry your boots more quickly than the conventional way.

One of the more convenient ways to dry your ski boots is by using a ski boot dryer.

A ski boot dryer works by blowing air and heating the boots to evaporate moisture. The length of time it takes for the boots to dry depends on how soaked the shoes are. It can take from 30 minutes to a few hours.

In this article, you are going to find out why a ski boot dryer is a good investment, what features you need to look for, and which of the ski boot dryers performed the best.

Ski boot dryerMy Best Ski Boot Dryer Choice

GearDryer Wall Mount Dryer
This dryer can dry up to 12 ski boots and gloves simultaneously. It uses 2 big fans that deliver more than 200 CFM of forced airflow, which makes this dryer super effective. Usable for home and commercial use.

3 Main Reasons Why You Need to Own Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryer

Some people may prefer stationary boot dryers others prefer the portable type. Whatever the preference is, we cannot deny the fact that you need to own a ski or snowboard boot dryer due to the following reasons.

Health: The last thing you want in cold winter temperatures is to have a wet ski boots. Aside from getting a cold, many resilient pathogens inhabit a damp environment.

The moist interior of the boots can attract all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and molds that can cause irritation or make you sick. There are boot dryers that have built-in UV lights or small amounts of chemicals to clean out the interiors of the boot and kill pathogens.

Comfort: Not only can you get sick wearing wet ski boots they are also very uncomfortable. Aside from drying the boots, the dryer also has a different heat level.

The heat level is not only crucial to the drying process, but it can even heat the ski boots before you go on skiing, so that you won’t start your skiing with cold boots.

Saves Money: We all know that ski or snowboard boots are costly, and the last thing you want is to be careless with them.

Through regular drying after every use, you are protecting your ski or snowboard boots from getting stinky and in the worst case from getting moldy.

Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryer Reviews

Check priceFeatures
GearDryer ski boot dryerCheck price
1. GearDryer Wall Mount Dryer
Main features | 12 drying ports, home and commercial use
Type | Wall mounted/free standing heated air
Geardryer freestandingCheck price
2. GearDyer Freestanding Dryer
Main features | 12 drying ports, home and commercial use
Type | Heated & Ambient air
Odorstop dryer and deoderizerCheck price
3. OdorStop Dryer and Deodorizer
Main features | Kills bacteria, removes odor, fungus, and mold, 3 year warranty
Type | Force air
Lavieair dryerCheck price
4. Lavieair Dryer with Timer and Fan
Main features | Fast drying, 3h timer, neutralize smelly odors
Type | Convection air
Dryguy portable dryerCheck price
5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Portable Dryer
Main features | Portable, AC/DC power car adaptor
Type | Hybrid forced air and convection system
DryGuy Force DryCheck price
6. DryGuy Force Dry
Main features | Portable, rotating dry ports
Type | Forced air
Therm-ic Refresher DeluxCheck price
7. Therm-ic Refresher Delux
Main features | USB charging port, timer, reduces bacteria and germs
Type | Forced air + UV light
Kooder travel dryerCheck price
8. KOODER Travel Dryer
Main features | Small to pack, 360 degree of heat, very durable
Type | PTC
Ski boot warmerCheck price
9. Leapara Warmer and Dryer with Timer
Main features | Extendable dry ports, foldable, portable
Type | Convection air
Shoe DefendersCheck price
10. Shoe Defenders Deodorizer and Moisture Absorber
Main features | Doesn’t need power source, Eliminates oder, deodorizer
Type | Boot insert

When I decided to start writing this article, I wanted to make a list of dryers that will dry your ski or snowboard boots as quickly as possible for as little money as possible.

Since most skiers are not skiing close to their homes, I tried to find as many of them that are portable, so you can take them with you.

Besides practicality, I also paid a lot of attention to how well they are made and how strong the materials are. And most important, how well they do their job.

So here you go, a list of the best ski boot and snowboard boot dryers:

1. GearDryer Wall Mount: Best Ski Boot Dryer

Best ski boot dryer

This boot dryer is a multi-purpose set-up with different functions to select from. It can be a superb tool for your garage or workshop.

You can directly mount it on your wall or set it up in the include hand-truck wheel kit to quickly move it around the area.

It has 12 individual dryer ports with higher than 200 CFM of forced airflow. Another option is to dry your wet ski boots with heated ambient air.

These 12 dryer ports are perfect for your shoe, boots, gloves, and other gear that you need to dry.

Because of the high volume of ambient air, it can effectively remove moisture from the inside of your boots and gloves.

It is very convenient to install, especially if you have a large family or for commercial use in the hotel and lodge.

This is the best ski boot dryer if you are looking for the most powerful ski boot dryer around because other dryer either has ambient air or heated air only.

The GearDryer Wall Mounted 12 Boot and Glove Dryer has both. It also uses an automatic heat element that can increase its temperature to 35 F more than the ambient temperature.

This gradual heat increase can help to speed up dry times.

  • Effectively remove moisture from the inside
  • Can be mounted on the wall for space-saving
  • Rolling kit provides an option for mobility
  • The individual port has a unique twist design
  • Ports are customizable
  • Quite pricey
  • Takes a lot of space

2. GearDyer Freestanding 12 Ski Boot Dryer Rack

Ski boot dryer rack

This ski boot dryer rack from GearDryer has the same features as the one we have reviewed above the only difference is it is freestanding.

The twelve drying ports can dry six pairs of boots at the same time. It is well-built and feels sturdy.

The body is made from powder-coated steel, which looks more beautiful than the plastic option.

The drying ports are easy to assemble with a quick twist mechanism and lock firmly on the raised bumps.

Because of its large capacity, it is an ideal drying port for large families, in a hotel or ski lodge where several people need to dry their boots at the same time.

The whole dryer weighs around 13 kg, quite heavy to move around all the time. However, the wheels provide the convenience to move it.

With 200 CFM of forced air coming out of the drying ports and the several settings to choose from, you can quickly dry your ski boots without any hassle.

There are two options available: ambient air or room temperature or heated air. When it is turned on, it can gradually increase the heat to more than 35 degrees over the ambient temperature for faster drying.

The non-heated option is also excellent if you are drying pieces that are temperature-sensitive like leather.

  • You can put it anywhere in the space because it is mobile
  • Heating options can accommodate temperature-sensitive gear
  • Can contain several pieces of ski gear at the same time
  • Dual fans deliver the right temperature
  • A little heavy to move around
  • Pricey

3. OdorStop Snowboard Boot Dryer and Deodorizer

Snowboard boot dryer

This boot dryer stands out from this list because it is made by a company with expertise in eliminating odor.

The OdorStop Dryer and Deodorizer is a state-of-the-art shoe and boot dryer that only dries up the boot but deodorizes the whole gear.

Designed to quickly dry and freshen up boots, shoes, hockey gear, ski boots, gloves, and even work boots or hunting boots, it is a versatile dryer that can serve the whole household.

The highlight of its features is the deodorizer that instantly kills viruses and bacteria and removes even the most disgusting odors.

It leaves the gears smelling fresh once dried. It has two heating options, a high-output fan, and a heating option if you want to speed up the drying time.

The unit weighs only about 7 pounds and has a 3-hour timer.

This boot dryer is easy to assemble and use. It has a flexible tube that can accommodate all kinds of gloves and footwear.

The boot dryer can handle four items at the same time with two air outlet caps.

Aside from drying wet boots, footwear, or gloves, you can also use this device to warm up the shoes before they go out in the cold.

  • Removes any lingering scent in the shoes
  • Easy to place anywhere
  • Optional heat is good for warming up shoes
  • Sturdy construction and well designed
  • A bit pricey for 4 dry port dryer.
  • Odor elimination could work better

4. Lavieair Dryer with Timer and Fan

Lavieair ski boot dryer

This is another excellent option for a boot dryer because it offers fast dry action. To achieve this, it has a 25-watt heating coil and motor to drive the air out.

The fast-drying action is perfect for drying damp boots, shoes, and gloves within only two hours.

Aside from removing the dampness and moisture inside the shoes, it also neutralizes the odor inside.

In addition to its quick-drying action, you can also control the drying time from 30 to 180 minutes, which makes it convenient to dry your shoes.

It is safe to use because it has a built-in fuse to protect the device from fire.

This boot dry can accommodate two pairs of shoes simultaneously and contains four separate tubes and brackets.

The height of these tubes is adjustable. Because this boot dryer releases warm air and not hot air, it will not cause any damage to heat-sensitive shoes and gears.

It is suitable for drying gears made from different materials like leather, canvas, rubber, neoprene, and even synthetics, and many more.

  • It dries boots and other gears fast
  • The timer setting can regulate the drying time
  • Can dry any materials quickly and safely
  • Portable and well-built
  • Can be a little noisy
  • Not very stable

5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX: Best Portable Ski Boot Dryer

DryGuy travel dry portable ski boot dryer

Driving in wet boots is hard, but it is even worse when you have to wear the same soggy boots the next morning.

The DryGuy Travel Dry is your boot saver while traveling. This portable unit can solve your problem of drying your shoes while on the road.

It is convenient, and you can plug it anywhere and dry your boots.

This portable ski boot dryer has combined traditional convection drying and forced air.

The hybrid forced air and the convection system can heat up to 99 degrees, hot enough to dry the footwear fast and less than the time other boot portable dryers can.

Travel tools and gears often used AC/DC power adaptor so that you can use them both at home and in the car.

DryGuy Travel Dry has the same mechanism. It is also a portable and compact design to pack them easily in carry-on luggage.

It can also fit in any footwear and will not damage even the most fragile material.

  • It can fit in most boots and shoes
  • With car adapter for use while traveling
  • It will not damage even the most fragile materials
  • Portable and light
  • It dries shoes slowly
  • Not a good solution for soaking wet boots, but will dry moist boots well

6. DryGuy Force Dry Portable Ski Boot Dryer

DryGuy Portable Ski Boot Dryer

This boot dryer is using the patented forced-air technology that DryGuy is known for.

The only difference it has from the other boot dryers from DryGuy is that its two arms can rotate 180 degrees.

It means that it can dry the ski boots on the side and it can give more stability to heavier boots.

The forced air from this boot dryer can heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It can dry most shoes for about 1 to 2 hours, and it has a 3-hour auto shut-off system.

This is a safety feature that prevents overheating. The forced air can heat up quickly that will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.

If not dried properly, these can cause a bad odor and deteriorate the footwear over time.

It is cheaper, but you can only dry a pair of boots at one time. However, the dryer is safe to use, even with the most delicate shoe fabric.

It will not cause any shrinking or warping, and it will not harm even custom-fit liners.

  • Articulating and rotating ports help conveniently dry boots
  • Can work on shoes and gloves
  • Safe to use on delicate fabrics
  • Dries shoes quickly
  • The arms can fall backward on heavy boots if not supported by a wall
  • Material quality is on a low side

7. Therm-ic Refresher Delux

Therm-ic refresher delux dryer

The Therm-ic Refresher is the perfect solution to prevent your snowboard or ski boots and gloves from getting moldy and smelling bad.

It is a compact and portable dryer that weighs only about 1.63 pounds with two flexible arms that you can put inside your shoes and start drying them.

It is equipped with UV light, a powerful sterilizer that reduces the growth of fungus, bacteria, and germs that can cause diseases and irritation, and a bad odor.

There are three timer settings available, 1, 3, and 6 hours that you can set directly on the device.

Aside from using this device on ski boots or snowboard, you can also use them for sporting gears.

It is a hygienic device that kills germs and bacteria and is also used to maintain the optimum heat on the inside of the shoes.

The adjustable length of the dryer arm can fit any boot type and size. It is also compact and silent, a perfect boot-drying device for traveling.

  • It can dry shoes or gloves in a short period
  • UV light prevents the growth of virus and bacteria inside the shoes
  • It can absorb unpleasant odors
  • Can fit any both types or size
  • Dryer arms can break if extended fully

8. KOODER Travel Ski Boot Dryer

Kooder travel ski boot dryer

This shoe dryer is very affordable but can work as other boot dryers do. It is an insert-type boot dryer that has high-quality cables.

The design has a well-rounded heat with horizontal and vertical air holes to make sure that it has an even distribution of heat within the interior of the boots or shoes.

Its surface is resistant to heat and has a smooth surface to get them quickly into the insides of the shoes.

To generate enough temperature, it has a PTC heat generator that provides consistent temperature for fast and convenient drying.

Its precise temperature control facilitates the selection of appropriate drying temperatures and prevents overheating.

Aside from drying, it can also help eliminate odors and sanitize the shoes. Damp interiors facilitate the growth of bacteria and germs and cause odors.

The air vents all around the dryer help dry the shoes faster and evenly. Its maximum temperature can be 70 degrees.

It is compact and durable and does not produce noise.

  • It eliminates odors
  • Compact and effective in drying boots and shoes
  • Durable and does not take up space
  • Easy to use and heats up quickly
  • You can only dry a pair of shoes at a time
  • Takes a lot of time to dry

9. Leapara Ski Boot Warmer Dryer with Timer

Ski boot warmers dryers

Known as a smart version among the boot dryers on the list, this portable footwear heater can be folded when not in use.

It is quick-drying with 200W of gentle heating power and soft winds blowing from the vents for the shoes to dry.

It has a constant temperature of up to 104 degrees so that it will not cause any damage to heat-sensitive shoes.

This device is a ski boot dryer and warmer too. It operates quietly and effectively dries the shoes with less electricity usage.

It also has a time setting for different footwear to conserve energy. You can use them with leather, vinyl, fleece, and microfiber, among others.

The arms are foldable so that it is easy to store when not in use. After setting the timer, it has a low volume sound like a hairdryer on a low setting.

You can also use it on a shorter option without extending the arms, and it will work well even with a boot.

Once your shoes are dry, they are odor-free too. It can also warm up your boots before going out in the snow.

  • It has a faster drying time
  • Easy to operate
  • The constant heat will not cause deformity on the shoes
  • Affordable price and works well like other expensive boot dryers
  • The timer can be a bit finicky
  • Can’t hold heavy boots without additional support (ect. wall)

10. Shoe Defenders Deodorizer and Moisture Absorber

Shoe Defenders moisture absorber

This breakthrough product from Shoe Defenders is developed with the athletes in mind, but it can be used for drying ski boots and snowboard shoes as well.

It is made to absorb ten times more sweat than any sneaker balls or charcoal balls used to eliminate odors.

It has a patented technology that effectively controls the moisture inside the shoes to keep the bad odor away. The Shoe Defenders Shoe Deodorizer is three to four times more effective than any shoe deodorizer.

The design of this shoe deodorizer is compact and easy to use. It is lightweight so you can put them on the luggage when traveling.

This shoe deodorizer can work on sneakers or ski boots overnight and has natural antifungals and antimicrobials from a blend of essential oils.

These essential oils are slowly released to fight off the microbes while leaving a clean scent. It is the only shoe deodorizer that comes in different patterns to suit the individual’s style.

This is an OK-ish solution if you don’t have access to electric power. It’s not for serious drying.

  • Works well at removing odors
  • The product contains natural ingredients
  • Uses a patented clay technology to absorb moisture
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • It does not absorb moisture well
  • Not suitable for larger boots

Should I go for a portable ski boot dryer?

One of the advantages of opting for a portable ski boot dryer is it requires little storage space. Most of them are it can be carried around when traveling.

You will need dry boots and shoes when you are always outdoors, and a lightweight and compact dryer can be easily packed in the trunk of the car or out in the luggage.

The drawback of portable dryers is they are not as effective as the heavy-duty options. However, these standard-sized dryers can take up so much space to carry with you.

If you have limited space and you need a device to dry and warm your boots, portable dryers will do. Otherwise, we still recommend regular-size dryers as they can perform better overall.

Where to buy ski and snowboard boot dryers?

There are quite a several sports shops where you can buy ski boot dryers. It can be found in the section with the ski and running equipment. However, most of these shops carry only a brand or two tops.

It is better to buy them online, where you can find any model and cheaper ones too. You can also check their reviews online to give you a better idea of how the product works. Amazon has a bigger selection than any other online shop.

Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryer FAQs

Can I use a ski boot dryer to dry another type of footwear?

Generally, yes. All models are made of different types of shoes and shoe materials. You can use them for boots, sneakers, and even sporting gear like hockey, soccer, and boxing gloves. If you’re looking for a dryer to dry your gloves, check this article.

Do they make noise?

Dryers that use forced air to dry boots usually do make some noise. However, that level of noise is typically low, similar to a computer fan’s level of noise.

Can I make a DIY dryer?

Yes, you can make your own. If you like DIY projects and you have the materials, then you can try building one yourself. However, if you have to buy the materials, it is more economical to buy an original one.

What about used dryers, are they worth the money?

Depends on how used they are. Since most dryers are affordable, I don’t think buying used ones will save you enough money to make them worth it. A used one will probably be out of warranty and will likely stop working sooner than you would like.

Who makes the best dryers?

Several good brands make them. Some of the most reputable ones are GearDryer, Peet Dryer, DryGuy, and MaxxDry.

Are ski boot warmers effective?

Yes, they work quite well. The only downside is that they will warm up your boots only for a while and after that, you’ll be cold again if your boots are not well-insulated. I would suggest you use ski boot gloves that will keep your feet warm while you’re skiing.


Overall, the essential feature that you need to look for in a dryer is its capability to dry the boots. Your ski boots must be free from wetness, mold, and odor.

These can cause discomfort and irritation on your feet. When your ski boots are wet, they are very uncomfortable to wear. This is why your ski boot dryers can come in handy as they can dry the boots quickly.

If you need more information or have questions about the best ski boot dryer, you can comment down below, and we will get back to you.

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