Best Wader Dryer: Dry Your Wader Boots Quickly and Efficiently

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After hours of standing in the river and fishing, my waders get quite moist and in some cases even soaking wet. To keep waders smell and mold-free, you need to dry them as soon as possible. And this is where the wader dryer comes in handy.

In his article, I’ll show you which wader dryers and accessories you can use to dry them quickly and hassle-free.  You’ll be able to wear dry waders the next day and keep them mold-free.

If you ever left your waders wet for days, you already know how stinky and even moldy they can get. Not dying them as quickly as possible will shorten their lifespan for sure.

Wader boot dryers will take care of these problems and save you a lot of time and time. Not to mention that you’ll never have to wear a moist wader again.

4 Reasons to Use Wader Boot Dryer

Peet wader dryer for quick drying

They tend to benefit us from the challenges that come with not using one. The following are the significant reasons to use it.

  • No direct heat exposure: The first mistake we often make is drying out our wader boots with direct heat. For example, near the fireplace. However, that leads to the wader boots getting damaged and their lifespan shortened. The dryer does not use intense heat, so the materials remain undamaged. Good care leads to longer use of waders.
  • No more smelly waders: One of the issues we face is the foul smell. This situation takes place if the wader boots are not dried well enough. Hence, it leads to fungal and bacterial growth over time. No one wants their boots or shoes to smell. Fortunately, the wader boots dryer has a deodorizer to counter such smelly waders.
  • Quicker drying: we don’t want to miss out on an adventure because of the waders not being dried up in time. Fortunately, a wader boots dryer tends to dry the waders within a few hours or overnight. This quality in wader boots dryer help to save time and energy.
  • No more molds: Molds can develop if the waders are not dried well or left untreated for a longer period.

Another reason why we need to use a wader boots dryer is that almost everything is preventable.  Let us not give molds a chance to develop in wader boots in the first place.

Best Wader Dryers on the Market

Check priceFeatures
Peet wader boot dryerCheck price
1. Peet Wader boot dryer
Main features | Dries and deodorizes in 3-8h, 25-year warranty
Powered by | Electricity
Peet Dryer extensions for wadersCheck price
2. PEET Dryer Boot Extension Attachments
Main features | 12-inch extensions, fits to all Peet models with DryPort
Powered by | No power
Wader adaptor for DryGuyCheck price
3. DryGuy Wader Adaptor & Extensions
Main features | 14-inch extensions, fits on DryGuy wader adaptor
Powered by | No power
Maxxdry extensions for wadersCheck price
4. MaxxDry Wader Extensions
Main features | Feets MaxxDry boot dry, 6-inch extensions
Powered by | No power

I went on a mission to find the best wader dryers on the market. Unfortunately, I was able to get hold of just one wader dryer and three wader extensions.  These were used to modify existing boot dryers.

I focused on the factors and criteria such as; its effectiveness, drying time, practicality, price, and quality.

I also intended on testing many other dryers, but the odds were none. The above wader boot dryer mentioned was the only one I could get my hands on.

The availability of the wader dryers was not up to my expectations.

1. Peet Wader Dryer

Peet wader dryer

Everyone wants to possess wader boots drying gadget that is fast and advanced. If so, then your search ends here.

An electric dryer from Peet Dryer, which is a few hours can dry up to two gloves, shoes, or boots. PEET wader dryer is effective and dries the top of the boots or shoes thoroughly.

It’s gentle, constrained air and 105-degree heat do not damage any of the materials it dries. And it can terminate any form of moisture that may lead to bacterial or fungal growth.

Further, the gadget consists of two removable tubes that help to dry high boots. These two tubes help in drying pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves simultaneously.

  • Peet wader dryer is efficient, inexpensive, and stable.
  • It’s made of quality plastic.
  • It’s designed to dry pairs of wader boots simultaneously.
  • Saves time and assures the top dries thoroughly.

  • The PEET electric dryer has no ON/OFF switch.
  • Longer boots require additional extensions.

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2. PEET Dryer 12-inch Boot Extension Attachments

Peet extension tubes

There are extensions made for wader boots to be used on Peet’s original dryer. If you already have a Peet dryer at hand, then these extensions can be bought to turn it into a wader dryer.

If by chance, the wader dryer gets assembled in a place with no electricity then, the Peet propane dryer can be purchased.

These 12-inch extensions help you dry boots that are taller than 16 inches. You can stack multiple extensions to get the desired height.

The PEET dryer extension attachments come with 2 years warranty. It is also safe on all materials.

  • The PEET dryer extensions come with two sections of tubes.
  • The extensions fit all PEET dryers with DryPort.

  • Tubes have a loose fit. Wish they had more snug fit.

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3. DryGuy Force Dry DX Wader Adaptor & Extensions

DryGuy adaptor

The company DryGuy does not make a wader dryer. Fortunately, they do have a wader adaptor and extender. This gives more height for taller wader boots.

DryGuy wader adaptor and extensions together can turn your Force dry DX dryer into a wader boot dryer in less than a minute.

These extensions will rise dryer for another 14-inch. Thus, in doing so, they fit tall or high waders and ski bibs, and other high boots.

Further, it is to note that this adaptor is compatible only with the DryGuy Force dry DX dryer. If you have any other model, this adaptor and extensions won’t fit.

The DryGuy Force Dry DX Wader Adaptor Extensions provide a 1-year warranty. The Extensions can also convert into a system that is easy to use for drying hip, chest waders, and waist.

  • The extensions help with the heights of waders and tall boots.
  • In an hour, the DryGuy Force DX Wader Adaptor Extensions can dry up a pair of boots.

  • The extensions are not able to fit into some other brand dryers.

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4. MaxxDry Wader Extensions

Maxxdry extensions

If you already have a MaxxDry Boot Dry dryer, then these extensions are a great solution.

And if you don’t have it already, you can get it for a quite affordable price. It’s probably one of the cheapest ones if you plan to build a wader boot dryer with help of extensions.

The downside of these extensions is that they are quite short. They are only 6 inches long, you’ll probably need several pairs to get the desired height.

While it is easy to install them, keep in mind that the combined height of extensions has to be at least 6 inches higher than boots to create natural thermal flow.
  • They work well with large men’s boots consisting of taller heights.
  • The MaxxDry extensions offer a 1-year warranty.

  • The extensions are intended for use with only the MaxxDry Boot Dry model.

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Boot and Wader Dryer Maintenance Tips

Let me list down some of the tips on how to properly take care of the waders.

Firstly, it is essential to read the instruction manual before using it. Secondly, take adult supervision while assembling any technical gadgets.

  1. Do not surpass drying time: Remember to look into the maximum dryer time of the dryer. If the waders are not dry after the allotted time: “Don’t restart right away”. That is a recipe to overheat the dryer. Check if the dryer’s surface is hot. If it is not, you can continue with drying, otherwise, wait to cool down first. This method will help in the smooth running and extend its lifespan.
  2. Make sure the dryer is stable: Make sure the dryer gets placed on a flat and stable surface. And, make sure to let the waders hang on the dryer evenly. Wader dryers do not possess a stable base. Wader boots are also high in height. Likewise, don’t forget to keep away from children or pets. Otherwise, it may tip over and break. Having a separate stool or table is a better convenience. That is, to ensure any kind of accidents in the future.
  3. Don’t put on soaking wet waders: Let the waders get dried first either using a towel or any clean cloth. If not, then, the dryer might get damaged since it runs on electricity. Also, drying the waders first, help in less consumption of electricity.

Final Thoughts

Having dry waders is essential to keep them mold-free and long-lasting. Quick-drying time and efficiency are the key factors here. With a good wader dryer, you’ll achieve all that.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any questions about these dryers, you’re welcome to leave them in the comment section.

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