Best Boot Dryer [2023]: 15 Models That Will Dry Shoes and Gloves Quickly

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Fueled by my hatred for wet footwear and cold feet, I decided to help you discover the best boot dryer that will save you from this discomfort.

A good model will help you dry out your working, hiking, hunting, or ski boots, as well as sports shoes, waders, gloves, mittens, and helmets.

Sometimes it’s inevitable to get your feet and boots wet, even if they are waterproof. The last thing you want for your boots is to stay wet for a long period and begin to stink.

You don’t have to hang your boots around the house or lean them on the heater to keep them dry. It doesn’t matter what kind of footwear you have, a good dryer will dry them out quickly and easily.

Let’s have a quick look at what I covered in this article:

Best boot dryer for the money:

Peet Family dryer
The innovative DryPorts system will help you quickly dry your boots, shoes, or gloves at a time and prevent the formation of mold, bacteria, fungus, or odor in your favorite pair of footwear.

Best Boot Dryer Reviews [2023 update]

I know how hard can it be to choose a good drying device nowadays since there’s a huge selection of both local and online shops.

Therefore, I decided to focus on some of the most interesting pieces, whether it is a ski boot, glove, or multi-purpose dryer.

I’ve browsed the items from some of the top manufacturers and looked for their top-selling dryers.

After carefully reviewing the price, practicality, effectiveness, and drying speed of the dryers I tested, I narrowed it down to the top dryers from the lists below.

I grouped them into two main groups, electric and portable dryers.

Best Electric Boot Dryer

Let’s start with the best electric boot dryers. They are the most effective and also the quickest ones. If you’re looking for a dryer that will dry your footwear quickly or dry multiple ones at the same time, this is the one you want to have.

PEET Advantage DryerCheck price

[Full review]

1. PEET Advantage – Editor’s #1 pick
Main features | Dry and deodorize, 1-4h dry time, 2-year warranty
Drying capacity | 4 items
MaxxDry Heavy DutyCheck price

[Full review]

2. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot and Glove Dryer
Main features | Removable 16-inch extension tubes, 1-2h dry time, 1-year warranty
Drying capacity | 4 items
DryGuy DX Forced AirCheck price

[Full review]

3. DryGuy DX Forced Air
Main features | Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.), Eliminate odors, damp, reduce the growth of bacteria and mold, Whisper-quiet rotary blower
Drying capacity | 4 items
Electric Wader DryerCheck price

[Full review]

4. PEET Wader Dryer
Main features | Comes with two sets of 12-inch extensions, Eliminates moisture, prevents mold, damp and mildew, 25-years warranty
Drying capacity | 2 items
PEET original dryerCheck price

[Full review]

5. PEET Original Dryer
Main features | Dry and deodorize, Drying time: 3 -8 h, 25-years warranty
Drying capacity | 2 items
GearDryer Freestanding Commercial DryerCheck price

[Full review]

6. GearDryer Freestanding Commercial Dryer
Main features | Heavy duty construction, 12 drying ports, Heated or ambient air
Drying capacity | 12 items
Kendal Electric Boot WarmerCheck price

[Full review]

7. Kendal Electric Ski Boot Warmer
Main features | Glove drying attachment, Quick drying time, Eliminates odor
Drying capacity | 4 items
Jobsite DryerCheck price

[Full review]

8. Jobsite 2-Port Dryer
Main features | Warm thermal air, Silent dr, 2-year warranty
Drying capacity | 2 items

1. PEET Family Dryer – Editor’s #1 Choice

If you like to get the best value for the money, then this model by PEET Dryer is the best boot dryer on the market that you can get.

This powerful model comes with 6 patented PEET dry ports that will dry up to 3 pairs of footwear or gloves in no time. Protect yourself from mold and unwanted odors in 1 to 4 hours.

The fan-powered motor on this PEET dryer is strong and quiet at the same time and you can toggle between heat or no-heat operation.

You can control the timer that shows the time on a neat little LED display and it goes up to 240 minutes.

I also love how versatile it is, you can dry boots, gloves, hats, helmets, and shoes made from all kinds of materials. You can even get extensions made especially for this model.

I would rate it as perfect if I could select only two ports to work when I dry just one pair. Still, this is the best model that you can get for your money.

Its use is very simple and you can check the guide I wrote on how to use Peet boot dryers.

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Work time settings up to 240 minutes
  • Dries two pairs quickly
  • Big selection of attachments
  • Won’t damage footwear
  • Can’t toggle ports

2. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot and Glove Dryer

Boot and shoe dryer

True, this dryer by MaxxDry is pretty similar to the previous one in the list. However, MaxxDry boot dryers come at a much more affordable price.

It’s probably one of the most affordable boot dryers that can dry two pairs of shoes or gloves at once. The heater pushes the hot air through 4 tubes at 105 degrees F and it’s safe for all materials.

Most of the items will dry within an hour, but you can program a shut-down timer for up to 3 hours. You also can toggle heat on and off with a switch.

This powerful little dryer also comes with two 16” extensions for higher boots, waders or ski boots. You get an awesome and versatile dryer for a more than reasonable price.

The only thing I don’t like is that can be a bit noisy.

  • 16” extensions
  • Very affordable
  • Works fast
  • Heat toggle
  • A bit noisy
  • All 4 dry tubes work at once

3. DryGuy DX Forced Air Dryer

Boot glove dryer

DryGuy is another frequent brand on our list.

This time with a forced-air dryer that can dry out 2 pairs or 4 items at a time.

The dryer heats up to 105 degrees F which will safely dry anything in 1 to 3 hours.

Even though the dryer is quite strong, it is incredibly silent, so silent that you can forget about it sometimes.

Two of the four tubes can be extended with special 16” attachments for higher boots and waders.

When it comes to features, it has a heat and no-heat switch, as well as a practical timer that goes up to 180 minutes. It is quite affordable, considering that it costs as much as many dryers with just two tubes.

If you opt-in for this model, you will get a very effective boot and glove dryer for a reasonable price.

  • Sturdy build
  • Works fast
  • Designed to last
  • 16” extensions for higher boots
  • Dial hard to turn
  • Can’t turn off individual tubes

4. PEET Electric Dryer For Waders

Wader dryer

You may notice that this PEET’s wader boot dryer is very similar to the previous model in the list.

They are almost the same except that here you get a neat 12” extension for drying higher boots and waders.

It effectively prevents mold and unvented odor in all footwear materials, whether it is PVC, leather, rubber, synthetics, fleece, cloth, etc.

Just like the previous model, the drying process is silent and electricity-saving and it takes around 3 to 8 hours.

With this dryer, you get 4 different heights. Extension tubes are 12 inches long, which adds up to 48 inches in total. And that is enough to dry any waders.

You can just remove extensions and choose the level that you need depending on the type of footwear.

In the end, it’s a solid dryer that gives you the option to wear damp-free high footwear. Not liking this option to dry waders? Check our wader dryer article for more options.
  • Four height extensions
  • Awesome price-quality ratio
  • Silent and cost-effective
  • Helps to dry higher boots and waders
  • Very reliable
  • One pair at a time

5. PEET Electric Dryer

Electric dryer

You probably figured by now that PEET is one of the most popular manufacturers of boot dryers, so here’s another terrific product by them.

This is the original dryer and I considered it the best one for a long time.

It’s also one of the best-selling dryers out there. Now that my family is a bit bigger, the dryer is not very practical as you can dry just one pair at a time.

It has everything you need for efficient drying. Two tubes can be assembled to two heights and can dry all types of material in 3 to 8 hours while spending very little electricity.

PEET products are generally quite silent and this model is not much different.

You will get a fantastic and affordable dryer for your sports shoes and work boots and you get a 25-year warranty for it. The only thing that it lacks is more attachments.
  • Fantastic price-quality ratio
  • Silent and cost-effective
  • Very reliable
  • Two heights
  • Just for one pair
  • Relatively slow drying
Check Price on

6. GearDryer Freestanding Commercial Boot Dryer

Commercial dryer

GearDryer makes the list with a high-end professional and commercial boot dryer for more serious skiers or hotel and bed-and-breakfast owners.

This product comes with 12 powerful drying tubes, offering space for 6 pairs of boots, gloves, or any other gear.

The freestanding dryer comes with adjustable leg levelers and customizable lock port designs, allowing you to choose the layout.

It works on 5 pre-programmed settings, giving you the options of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or 24-hour dry cycles.

The powerful header is self-regulating and it increases the temperature by 25 F above room temperature.

This model is extremely strong and durable and it’s mainly made for professional sportsmen or resort owners, especially near water bodies or mountains. For casual users, the price is probably too much.

  • Strong and freestanding
  • Dry 6 pairs at once
  • Self-regulating heater
  • Made for commercial use
  • Very expensive

7. Kendal Electric Boot Dryer

Ski boot heater

Kendal’s SI-SD06G model is a bit different than most of the dryers on the list.

Instead of placing the boot on the dryer, this electric boot warmer pushes warm air through 4 22” long plastic tubes, drying or heating 2 pairs at a time.

This powerful dryer operates at two different power settings and comes with a time programmer that can be programmed for up to 180 minutes.

The dryer also comes with a neat glove and mitten dryer attachment for 4 gloves. You will get the best use of it if you mount the dryer on the wall, that’s why you get a wall mount kit with it.

This unusual electric boot warmer is quite powerful and you can get it for a reasonable price.

This model can serve as a great dryer for ski boots. If you want to check more similar ones, check our best ski boot dryer article.
  • Works fast
  • 2 pairs at a time
  • Attachment for gloves
  • Wall mount kit
  • Attachment for gloves doesn’t work really great

8. Jobsite 2-Port Dryer

Jobsite dryer

After a hard day of work, the last thing you want is to be left with wet and stinky boots, that’s where this work dryer steps up.

This Jobsite dryer eliminates the odor in your boots, shoes, or gloves and prevents the formation of mold, and increases the longevity of your footwear.

It dries the boots using thermal convection, making the drying process completely safe and noiseless. You don’t have to stress out when you turn it on.

The dryer comes with removable extensions, so you can choose between two heights(21” max), based on what you need to dry at the moment. This is also handy in case you need to transport it.

I like the extensions and how quiet it is and the price is great too, that’s why the Jobsite dryer has made the list. The only thing it could be better is the drying speed.

  • Great for work boots
  • Practical removable extensions
  • Removes odors
  • Safe and quiet
  • Long drying
Check Price on

Best Portable Boot Dryer

A portable boot dryer is a perfect choice if you’re traveling a lot. They are easy to pack and easy to travel with. If you love skiing, this is the type of dryer you want to have.

While they use different sources of energy, most of them are powered by electricity. Let’s check the best ones.

DryGuy Travel Dry DXCheck price

[Full review]

9. DryGuy Travel Dry DX
Main features | Has AC/DC power adaptor, Hybrid forced air and convection system, Great for traveling
Drying capacity | 2 items
PEET Propane Boot DryerCheck price

[Full review]

10. PEET Propane Dryer
Main features | Silently dries footwear, Powered by propane, Of the grid use possible
Drying capacity | 2 items
Manledio Electric Footwear and Glove DryerCheck price

[Full review]

11. Manledio Dryer
Main features | Circulate air, Takes very little space, Foldable construction
Drying capacity | 2 items
DryGuy Force Dry ShoeCheck price

[Full review]

12. DryGuy Force Dry
Main features | Quick drying time, Forced air heats to 105-degrees (40.5-Degrees C), 1 year warranty
Drying capacity | 2 items
KOODER Electric  DryerCheck price

[Full review]

13. KOODER Electric Dryer
Main features | Very affordable, Quality materials, 360 degree all rounded heat
Drying capacity | 2 items
YOSWAN Dryer and DeodorizerCheck price

[Full review]

14. Dr Prepare Dryer and Deodorizer
Main features | Adjustable drying rack, Easy to fold and store, Easy to use
Drying capacity | 2 items
Green Glove DryerCheck price

[Full review]

15. Green Glove Dryer
Main features | 6 drying ports, Eco-friendly and cost-effective, Safe to use
Drying capacity | 6 items

9. DryGuy Travel Dry DX: Best Portable Boot Dryer

Portable dryer

With this travel boot dryer by DryGuy, we are probably going as portable as it gets. Not many of them can offer such portability as this one.

You can easily pack it into your luggage, even if there is the slightest chance that your footwear will get wet.

It can be a true lifesaver for hiking, skiing, fishing, or camping trips. Just insert this 13”x10”x3” dryer into your boot and it will dry fairly quickly. You even get an AC/DC car adapter for the road.

The convection drying system will reach temperatures up to 99 degrees F, drying your boots faster than most of them. You will also get a 1-year warranty for it.

It’s a good, no-nonsense model that does its job more than well, the only downside is that you have to dry one boot at a time.

  • Extremely compact
  • AC/DC car adapter
  • Perfect for traveling or home use
  • Dries one pair of boots at a time

10. PEET Dryer Propane Boot Dryer

Propane boot dryer

In case you still need a good dryer in places with no electricity, then this model is what you need.

This propane boot dryer is made for boot drying in remote cabins or on camping trips. We all know that open fires are not the best ways to dry footwear.

This stationary dryer uses a 16-ounce propane tank which will give you about 60 hours of drying hours.

The average drying cycle will take about 3 hours to complete. Since it doesn’t plug and cables, it can be considered a solid portable option.

PEET patented dry ports will give you thorough drying of all types of materials. The ports can be assembled to fit two different heights, depending on the item that you need to dry.

PEET’s propane boot dryer is safe, simple, and efficient and it’s made for places with no electricity. The price is a bit high but still reasonable.

  • Electricity free
  • Silent and safe operation
  • Made for off the grid places
  • Good safety
  • A bit pricey

11. Manledio Electric Shoe Dryer

Glove dryer

This simple electric shoe dryer and warmer can be a fantastic way to remove odors and dehumidify a pair of shoes or gloves.

It’s quite strong for a small dryer, 200W power drying with patented Circulate Air Dryports provides a constant and evenly distributed temperature.

Two easily foldable 14” ports can be extended and locked into a position when in use. After you are done with it, just fold it and put it away, so it doesn’t take up space.

You can control the drying time with a shut-off dryer that goes up to 120 minutes. It’s a practical and quite affordable dryer and it works well with all footwear materials.

The only thing that bothers me is that you can’t use it with soaking or dripping wet items.

  • Versatile and practical
  • Rotatable drying tubes
  • 120-minute timer dial
  • For home or travel use
  • Not for soaking wet items
  • Impractical for large boots

12. DryGuy Force Dry Shoe Dryer

Shoe dryer

If you want one of the top-selling portable dryers, then you should check out this boot, glove, and shoe dryer by DryGuy.

The dryer comes with two 8” (10” extended) rotating and extendable drying tubes that can be easily folded for transportation. It’s ideal for trips where you need to get your boots or shoes wet.

Forced air reaches the temperature of 105 degrees F and you can dry most of the shoes in 2 hours.

There’s also a handy shut-down timer that goes up to 3 hours so you can leave your shoes on it overnight.

The price is not a bargain, but it’s quite reasonable as you get a powerful portable shoe dryer. It’s excellent for ski boots, gloves, shoes, and boots, but just not for really tall boots.

  • For home use or traveling
  • Extendable ports
  • Good price for the quality
  • Rotating could be smoother

13. KOODER Electric Dryer

KOODER Electric Boot Dryer

This electric dryer by KOODER is probably one of the top portable types out there.

Thanks to its compact size, it fits easily in your luggage wherever you need to go. It’s great for holidays and skiing or hiking trips and it performs great, despite its small size.

Two 8.1”x2.15” inserts provide 360-degree all-around heat, you just need to insert them into your boots or shoes. The cables are very strong and can hold up to 20 kg.

Besides that, you can control the heat settings based on your needs. Even though it’s not perfect for really wet boots, it’s really powerful for a dryer of this size.

The price is OK too, so much so that some people even buy this model as a warmer for their shoes.

  • Compact design
  • 360-degree heat distribution
  • Heat control
  • Not for soaked boots
  • Fairly long drying period

14. Dr. Prepared Dryer and Deodorizer

Dr Prepapre dryer

This model by Dr. Prepare is a fantastic dryer and athletes, hikers, bowlers, and skiers are just some of the people that use it regularly.

It’s extremely practical and compact when folded, the drying tubes are 10.6” long when collapsed and 13.8” when extended.

The drying process is quiet and simple and it’s based on dehumidification and antimicrobial technology.

You just set up the timer, leave your shoes to dry out, and go on about your business.

Depending on the footwear you need to dry, you can program the timer for up to 3h. Two, high-power 360-degree heaters will safely dry your shoes, cleats, boots, socks, gloves, or mittens and have them ready for you.

Although it may not be perfect for large and heavily wet boots, it’s still a powerful and practical dryer that does its job great.

  • Practical and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Dehumidification technology
  • Stops bacteria growth
  • Construction is not very sturdy

15. Green Glove Dryer

Green glove dryer

This eco-friendly dryer is one of the simplest and most basic models on the list. Even though you can use it to dry most types of shoes and boots, it works great as a dryer for socks and gloves.

You don’t have to use electricity, just place it over the heat vent and you have a practical dryer that uses the existing heat source.

Made from child-safe polypropylene plastic, is safe for drying most materials and there’s no chance of fire hazards. When assembled it can dry six items and you can easily take it apart and carry it with you in a practical travel bag.

Besides being cost-effective, this dryer is also really affordable. Due to its great price and simplicity, I had to include it on the list.

If you want to check more similar dryers, read our glove dryer reviews.

  • Versatile and practical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Really affordable
  • Not ideal for heavy boots

How to Choose The Right Dryer?

Soggy boots

I must add that there’s no particular type that’s perfect for everyone. Choosing the right one will mostly depend on how often and where you need to use it.

For bigger families, I would suggest getting at least one or two multi-boot dryers so you can dry more than one pair at a time.

On the other hand, travelers and hobbyists will probably prefer more portable models, like the ones on the 9th and 12th place on this list.

However, if you just need to dry a pair of boots or gloves once in a while, you should probably go for a more affordable option.

Yet, if you are going to use it often and for different garments, you should buy the best shoe dryer that you can get. The #1 on my list is excellent for this, especially since it has a lot of attachments available. It also won’t damage any gear you’ll dry.

Where To Find Boot Dryers For Sale

Drying boots

You can probably get decent boot dryers for sale in your local stores like Walmart or Sears, but I would honestly recommend that you go online.

Online stores tend to have a much better selection and you can browse through tons of models.

You can get better prices online and check the reviews of other people that used that model already, so you know exactly what you are getting. Besides that, you will have it delivered to your doorstep.

From my experience, Amazon is the best place to look for a boot dryer. I almost always get at least one model that’s on sale.

Finding the Best Boot Dryer on Amazon

Amazon should be everyone’s first place to look since you will most definitely find a good one there. Almost every brand that sells boot dryers will have lower prices there than on their official sites, which is amazing.

You can also get some rare and unique brands that are not available everywhere.

I also like the buying experience when looking for a dryer on Amazon. You get a friendly interface with an almost limitless selection, you get dryer and attachment recommendations based on your interest.

You can discover everything from cheap dryers to high-end, professional ones. Most importantly, you can see the experiences of other people to help you with the decision. Click the button below to see the best-selling models.

They Are More Than Just Footwear Dryers


Despite their name, boot dryers can be used to dry much more than just boots.

For some stuff, you will need special attachments, but you can also dry a lot of items with just a basic model.

When it comes to boots, you can dry: winter boots, ski, and snowboard boots, work boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots, hunting boots, and waders. Although waders will need higher extensions.

You can also dry various types of sports footwear and accessories: ski gloves, hockey gloves (although these might need special attachments), soccer shoes, tennis shoes, cleats, winter hats, wetsuits, and mittens. Good dryers will also work great on almost all materials.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you liked my reviews for footwear dryers. I’ve tried my best to be as useful and informative as possible while making it interesting too.

I wouldn’t wish wet and stinky shoes on my worst enemy, that’s why a good dryer can be a lifesaver. With this guide, you will have no problems finding the best boot dryer available.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to leave them below.

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